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Literally Just 22 Mesmerising Pictures Of Bath Bombs

So calming and relaxing.

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1. Take in this friendly, bubbly bath.

Instagram: @missviclb

2. And enjoy this strawberries and cream looking tub.

Instagram: @lovesiennab

3. This petal scattered water is just inviting you to get in.

Instagram: @uoxou_oo313

4. Somehow this perfectly pink concoction is just super-soothing.

Instagram: @plasticbats

5. Look at how these beautiful colours just dance with one another.

Instagram: @emma__louise91

6. Pink and green go beautifully together when dark…

Instagram: @iya_stevie

8. This alluring extra-terrestrial landscape of colour is out of this world.

Instagram: @lushiemma

9. And even though this bathtub looks to be filled with goo, you'd still love to get in it.

Instagram: @gearsandscalpels

10. The way the colours twirl and mix is so uniquely stunning.

Instagram: @anna_dyuval

11. This bath looks like a majestic photo of earth taken from high above the stars.

Instagram: @geekyclean

12. There's something oddly calming about this darker mixture.

Instagram: @dermagischeseifenladen

13. Sometimes bathbombs can resemble a dreamscape.

Instagram: @_psychxpxth_

14. There's just something weirdly soothing about the patterns they create.

Instagram: @in3sx

15. This blue ocean swirl is reminiscent of a tropical ocean.

Instagram: @katiefoster1991

16. And you'd be forgiven for mistaking this as the surface of a distant, exotic planet.

Instagram: @_cpessa

17. Each bath bomb is capable of creating its own unique, alluring pattern.

Instagram: @lady_cait

18. You can almost feel the heat radiating from this explosion of colour.

Instagram: @afoxintheflowers

19. This rainbow spiral shows that all colours posses beauty.

Instagram: @_sweeet_toooth_

20. And this yellow brew proves that even one colour is enough to create art.

Instagram: @little_amy_charlotte

21. This appealing potion seems to posses a hypnotic power.

Instagram: @alordofmisrule

22. And this magical fusion could easily adorn the wall of a gallery.

Instagram: @bathtime_bliss