Here's Some Leonbergers To Bring A Little Joy Into Your Life

    The god king of dogs.

    Attention world, for you're about to be overloaded with images of pure, unrestrained euphoria.

    Just look at this majestic Leonberger.

    Don't they all just look so wise and all-knowing?

    If a Leonberger could talk it would have the voice of Patrick Stewart.

    They're just big, huggable lumps of joy.

    And so, so big.

    They're like a horses, but without the attitude problem.

    When it comes to cross-species friendships, Leonbergers are goals.

    They're champions of friendship.

    "Please do talk to me or my son, we'll gladly engage in conversation."

    And if you thought they couldn't get cuter, bask in the image of a glorious Leonberger puppy.

    They're all-terrain…

    … Curious travellers…

    … And sirens of the sea.

    They also look pretty damn good in a hat.

    Happy birthday doggo!

    It's almost as if a saintly wizard made a ball of fluff sentient.

    I don't want to suggest that they descended from heaven, but maybe?

    Run through our dreams, sweet Leonbergers… run through our dreams 😢

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