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Updated on Feb 1, 2020. Posted on Jan 22, 2018

If You Can't Score 9/12 On This Quiz, Get Out Of The Damn Kitchen

Do you know your bread knife from your cheese knife?

  1. 1. What would you typically slice with this contraption?

  2. 2. What's this piece of kitchen equipment called?

    Getty Images
  3. 3. What food is this device designed to press?

    Getty Images
  4. 4. What's this thing used for?

  5. Which of these is a cheese knife?

  6. 6. What's this slicer called?

    Getty Images
  7. 7. What's this knife used to cut?

  8. 8. Name either one of these two items:

    Getty Images

    It's a mortar and pestle!

  9. 9. Spell the name of this kitchen item:

    Getty Images
  10. Which of these is a sauté pan?

  11. 11. What's this used for?

    Getty Images
  12. Which of these is a melon baller?