19 Kids Who Will Grow Up To Change The World

    Bow down to our future saviours.

    1. This kid, who'll release a best selling self-help book.

    2. This kid, who'll change the way we do math.

    3. This kid, who'll rule the whole damn planet.

    4. This kid, who'll completely challenge the way we think about chemistry.

    5. This kid, who will give religion a complete overhaul.

    So: I asked our daughter to design the family Christmas card.

    6. This kid, who'll one day change the art of story telling.

    7. This kid, who'll make waves in the art world.

    8. This kid, who'll influence the way humanity solves its problems.

    9. This kid, who's going to make a splash in the movie industry.

    I feel like this kid is going places. Heads up, comics industry... Pizzanado! #highconcept

    10. This kid, whose epic sibling rivalry will divide the nation.

    11. This kid, who will grow up to become the face of global enterprise.

    12. This kid, who'll write philosophy books that will influence future generations of scholars.

    My 11-year old's birthday card to me. #blessed

    13. This kid, who'll achieve his dreams and inspire us all.

    14. This kid, who'll change the way essays are written.

    15. This kid, who'll start a global anarchist revolution.

    16. These kids, who'll rearrange the education system with their cunningness.

    17. This kid, who'll end the free reign of fuckboys on the internet.

    18. This kid, who'll make an entire planet reevaluate their expectations in life.

    19. And finally, this kid who will one day destroy us all.

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