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18 Things We're Going To Have A Really Hard Time Explaining To Our Grandchildren

Good luck explaining memes to future generations.

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3. How we spend our money

Future conversation: "Well, the log was advertised as being 'bespoke' so that alone made it worth at least $100. Plus the gentleman who sold it to me was super condescending, so that added an extra $50."


5. Bubble nails

Instagram: @sinisterrougepinup

Future conversation: "Were they practical? No. But were they fashionable and on trend? Also no."

7. Hoverboards

Future conversation: "No, technically they didn't hover, but 'groundtractionboard' just didn't sound as cool."

8. Memes

Future conversation: "LOL, a rat once grabbed some pizza and ran with it. Oh and there was once this shark, but it was a left shark. You had to be about at the time to really appreciate the moment. Trust me."


17. Glitter beards

Instagram: @kcmessemaker

Future conversation: "Back in the day, if you really wanted to catch the attention of someone you had your eye on, a bit of glitter in your beard and they were as good as yours."

18. Donald fucking Trump

Trump: I NEED THE YOUNG VOTE Advisor: We could- Trump: IMMA DANCE FOR 'EM Advisor: I don't think- Trump:

Future conversation: "Yeah, I actually can't explain that one."