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Literally Just 17 Great Tweets From Louis Theroux

He's a hero we don't deserve.

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1. When he appreciated the arts.

2. When his kids signed him up for a second job.

3. And when he just wanted to play conkers.

4. When he achieved his dream.

5. When he improved a Trump sign.

6. And when the nightmare was too real.

7. When he encountered these bins.

8. When he spotted a contradictory drink.

9. When his kids' toys came to life.

10. When he asked a valid question.

11. When he spotted the next big hit.

12. When he developed a fetish.

13. When he needed some vegetable advice.

14. When he had hope in his herbs.

15. And when he congratulated a potato.

16. When he was all of us.

17. When he spotted a Louis sandwich.