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18 Secrets John Lewis Employees Will Never Tell You

John Lewis has an exclusive island resort for employees.

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4. John Lewis owns and runs six private holiday resorts where employees can stay at a subsidised price.

One of which is located on its own goddamn island. That's right, there's a John Lewis island just off the south coast of England.


5. Which you kind of need after the long working hours.

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Most stores open at 9am and don't close until 8pm. Although you don't work all those hours, it still means that there's a lot that needs to get done throughout the day.

7. The uniform makes you feel extra professional.

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Compared with what workers at other stores have to wear, the business dress code at John Lewis is super glamorous.


15. The in-store decorations are second to none.

The store feels kind of empty when they're taken down.



John Lewis no longer give out a Christmas bonus (but do, however, offer a share of the profits in the spring). An earlier version of this story misstated that staff were given a Christmas bonus in December.