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    Here's What The Cast Of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" Looks Like Now

    "It's morphin' time!"

    Jason Lee Scott/The original Red Ranger (Austin St. John)

    After working as a paramedic and firefighter, St. John served in the Middle East with US military tactical operations for several years. St. John will return to the acting world in an upcoming post-apocalyptic thriller called Survival’s End.

    Zack Taylor/The original Black Ranger (Walter Jones)

    Jones continues to act, having played small parts in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Shield and a lead role in the short-lived teen drama Malibu Shores.

    Kimberly Ann Hart/The original Pink Ranger (Amy Jo Johnson)

    After hanging up the pink costume, Johnson found success playing a lead role on the drama series Felicity.

    Billy Cranston/The original Blue Ranger (David Yost)

    Since Power Rangers, Yost switched his attention to the other side of the camera and became a television producer.

    Thomas "Tommy" Oliver/The original Green Ranger (Jason David Frank)

    A skilled mixed martial artist, Frank went on to compete in MMA.

    Rocky DeSantos/The second Red Ranger (Steve Cardenas)

    Unsurprisingly, a few of the Power Rangers have great real-life fighting credentials. Cardenas now owns martial arts studios in California and Texas. Honestly, who wouldn't want to be trained by a Power Ranger?

    Aisha Campbell/The second Yellow Ranger (Karan Ashley)

    The former Yellow Ranger, Ashley, now works as a national talk radio show host, co-hosting the show UnCensored Radio.

    Thuy Trang, who portrayed Trini Kwan/the original Yellow Ranger, died in 2001.

    Katherine "Kat" Hillard/The second Pink Ranger (Catherine Sutherland)

    Sutherland continues to act, having appeared in The Cell and an advertising campaign for Rice Krispies.

    Adam Park/The second Black Ranger (Johnny Yong Bosch)

    Bosch has become a well-known voice actor in the world of animation and video games, having over 100 voice acting credits to his name.

    Looks like they can still easily fend off a dozen Putties!