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    We Asked Non-Welsh People To Label Wales And We’re So Sorry

    I'm sorry, Wales.

    1. You're probably thinking this is the worst one, but nope. Prepare yourself because worse is yet to come.

    2. Like this one, where the person thought Wales was split into three districts: Cardiff, Swansea, and the Valleys.

    3. This one speaks for itself.

    4. Did you know that Wales has an actual giant whale sitting off its coast?

    5. Because these people did.

    6. Some people clearly just took the piss.

    7. Whereas others genuinely tried, but were still very, very wrong.

    8. With the exception of Port Talbot, this one actually isn't too bad.

    9. This map belongs in an art gallery.

    10. "Llwanydadlynawanlyleeuoolylanolynoonlywuenly"

    11. Note: That is not where I live.

    12. So many Cardiffs.

    13. The famous "flacid cock" region is a must visit for tourists.

    14. RIP, this person's ex.

    15. Finally this map, which despite its terrible Snowdonia pun, is actually pretty accurate.