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21 Times Dave Grohl Gave Us Hope In Humanity

The hero we need.

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1. When he broke down the current music scene.

2. The time he put on reading glasses and STILL looked like a rock star.

3. When he drowned out anti-gay protesters with a concert mocking them.

4. When he was just a regular father.

5. When he gave sensible advice to children.

6. When he had this to say about Glee:

7. When he expressed his love of music.

8. When he rocked out with the weird creatures from Yo Gabba Gabba!

9. When he thanked his mother during an acceptance speech.

10. When he trolled the audience.

11. When a childhood wish of his came true.

12. The time he gave this philosophy on life:

13. When he listed his instrument playing history.

14. When he gave a life lesson using Ikea as a metaphor.

15. The time he made a super brief cameo in The Muppets.

16. When he uploaded this letter he posted to an idol when he was 14.

Look what my hero Ian Mackaye (Minor Threat/Fugazi) just found: a letter I wrote to him when I was 14! Haha!

17. When he downed tequila on the red carpet.

18. When he rocked a moustache and flight attendant uniform.

19. And a dress.

20. When he had this to day about people's taste in music:

21. And when he dedicated a song to his daughter.