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    16 People Who Were So Petty That It's Honestly Inspiring

    Pettiness is an art form.

    1. These two warring offices:

    Thee funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time, my view from work

    2. This friend who put an end to the argument:

    i was arguing with my bestfriend, and in the middle of it she took her glasses off n said “i don’t wanna see you right now”

    3. This student who wasn't going to be doing all of the work:

    4. This girl who ruined her ex's Netflix experience:

    This girl I used to go out with is still using my Netflix and that's cool. She's watching Scandal and is currently on S7E12. Series finale is S7E18. Guess who's changing her password as soon as she gets to episode 17? Yep, it's Petty Labelle.

    tt / Via hi


    5. This kid who took his frustrations out on the fruit:

    My son got mad at me yesterday and opened all the bananas in the house. What type of passive aggressive monster...

    6. This band member who publicly aired his grievances:

    This is my favorite band break-up notice ever.

    7. This roommate who made an extra effort to only do her half of the chores:

    Wanna hear a new level of “being a shitty roommate”? I asked my roommate to take the trash out, as I have been gone a week and a half. She then proceeded to PICK THROUGH THE TRASH AND ONLY THREW OUT THINGS THAT SHE THREW AWAY. W H A T ?!

    8. These villagers who were tired of being ignored:

    This is the most passive aggressive thing i've seen in a while

    9. This manager who takes work very seriously:

    bro my coworker starts crying bc her boyfriend broke up w her (thru text) & my manager gon say “that’s why we stay off our phones @ work” LMFAAAAOOOO shordy ain’t shit 😭

    10. This guy who didn't want to hear from her ex's family:

    11. This mum who missed out on buying a games console:

    12. This passer-by who took exception to someone's parking:


    13. And this guy who left behind a note of his own:

    slashed someone’s tires today because he parked like a jackass.. was it justified? I think so.

    14. This girl who tricked her ex:

    My boyfriend cheated on me so i convinced him to get matching tattoos..he went first and I went home

    15. This company who wanted to stand over their competitor:

    16. This girl who displayed her frustration through music:

    In high school I called my ex while drunk and the next day she changed her MySpace profile song to Call Me When Youre Sober by Evanescence