17 Essential Study Hacks Every Student Should Know

    Everyone hates exams, but these tips will help make them a little more bearable.

    1. To improve the quality of your notes, try and imagine you're making them for someone else.

    2. And if you're trying to memorize diagrams, it really helps to draw them out.

    3. But when it comes to taking notes on a computer, it's worth knowing that Times New Roman is the fastest font to read.

    4. Highlight your books and notes. Use different colours for heading, subheadings etc. Highlighters are your friend.

    5. Give yourself a reward at certain intervals to help keep you motivated.

    6. Spraying an unfamiliar scent will help keep you more alert.

    7. Exercise can help improve brain power, so try taking a walk before cracking open the study books.

    8. Avoid studying in the same place every day. Changing your environment while learning helps you retain knowledge.

    9. Use post-it notes to write down anything you're having difficulty with. That way you don't have to flip through everything when you're searching for information you desperately need.

    10. Scientific fact: Chewing gum actually helps boost concentration.

    11. It may be tempting to stay up studying through the night, but a lack of sleep ruins memory.

    12. Take regular breaks, every 20 minutes or so.

    13. At the start of these breaks, have a short review session to look back over newly learned material.

    14. It's surprising how much easier it is to remember something when you've said it aloud. Probably best not to try this one in a library though.

    15. Block distracting websites. There are actually apps that allow you to do this.

    16. Listen to ambient noise or unfamiliar music. Listening to your favourite music tends to have a negative effect on your productivity.

    17. The hardest part of revision is starting. So go ahead and start. Right now. No excuses.