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26 Infuriating Things That Happen In All Horror Movies

Please stop hiding in the closet.

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what annoys them most in horror stories. Here are some of their responses...


7. Someone calling out to a potential threat in the hopes of getting an answer.

"When sombody calls out 'hello' when there's an intruder in the house. Like you really think they're going to answer 'what's up, I'm in the bedroom. Gonna kill you. Lolz.'"

– Sylvia O, Facebook


10. The killer getting knocked down but no one bothering to further incapacitate them.


"They assume he's going to stay unconscious for like three hours and they don't tie his ass up with anything! If the SOB is out for one minute wrap his ass up like a damn burrito."



13. Characters not turning on the lights when in danger.

Warner Bros. Pictures

"Nobody ever turns on the lights when they're freaked out. Most people in real life would turn on all the lights if they're not sure if something is amiss."

– Geena Landen, Facebook

14. Doors never opening when someone is in immediate danger.

Columbia Pictures

"Who are these serial door lockers putting lives at risk? EVEN WORSE is when they realise the door is locked, but they keep trying to open it. How many lives have been lost because characters don't know what to do with a locked door?"



17. Villains who just refuse to die.

Compass International

"Dude, you've been shot in the face, stabbed in the heart, and have two missing limbs. Yet when the protagonist is finally getting away you suddenly grow the ability to run and catch them AGAIN?"


19. People never leaving their new home after some seriously spooky shit has gone down.

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"First the dog refuses to go anywhere near it, then you hear strange noises, and THEN things start moving on their own. I'm long gone."



20. Someone hearing a noise coming from the attic and going to investigate it on their own.

Summit Entertainment

"'Wow, what's that scratching noise coming from my attic? BETTER GO CHECK IT OUT!' Like no, JUST RUN."



24. Protagonist having a weapon and then just fucking dropping it.

Warner Bros.

"I don't care if you think the bad guy is gone or if you're running for your life, hold on to that freakin' knife until you're absolutely 100% safe!"


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