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    16 Hilariously Inappropriate Gifts People Have Received From Family

    Sometimes it's best to open your presents in private.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most inappropriate thing they've been gifted by their family. Here are some of the best answers.

    1. Eternal thanks

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    Submitted by amandaf4622dfc11

    2. Birds and the bees

    "When I was ten my grandma gave me a book about animal sex because she said it looked very educational. At the time I barely even knew what sex was."

    Submitted by jennas46860746f

    3. The festive period

    "One Christmas my mum wrapped up nine boxes of tampons for me and put them under the tree. She said it was so I could start the next year prepared."

    Submitted by brooket43253a376

    4. Ring the bell

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    Submitted by illuminapple

    5. Days gone by

    "I got a '70s Playboy calendar from my Grandmother on Christmas. Christmas just wasn't the same after that."

    Submitted by Brandon Witcher, Facebook

    6. Ho, ho, ho

    "When I moved out of my mom's a few years ago it was near christmas so she thought a nice housewarming gift would be a pink christmas tree and ornaments. Only the ornaments in question were from Ann Summers and they included an angel in a dominatrix outfit, stiletto heels handcuffs, and one of Santa with his dick out."

    Submitted by Rachel Louise, Facebook

    7. Sharp observation

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    Submitted by whitneib

    8. Imperfect harmony

    "While I was in a serious relationship my mom got me a year's subscription to eHarmony for Christmas, with my boyfriend right there."

    Submitted by chopper584717

    9. White christmas

    "When I got married, my great aunt wanted to give us 'his and her' ornaments. She couldn’t find an ornament with an interracial couple, so she decided to improvise. She bought two snowman ornaments and painted one with dark black paint and kept one white. Needless to say, those have never made it onto the Christmas tree."

    Submitted by kristenf40d387dd9

    10. A wrinkle in time

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    Submitted by katrinav4fd911ac6

    11. In brief

    "One year my mom went Christmas shopping with pneumonia and ended up buying me panties that read 'no peeking' on the back. We were both mortified."

    Submitted by cassiec460a316af

    12. Crack shot

    "My aunt accidentally gave me a thong when I was six. To clarify, she gave me a bunch of her old clothes and a purple thong was mistakenly included. I thought it was a slingshot until my friend explained."

    Submitted by julial11

    13. Gimpin' ain't easy

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    Submitted by leordorone

    14. 20 shades of grey

    "When I was about 12 my grandma stopped over to bring me some 'teen books' she bought at a thrift store. It was a bag of about 20 erotic novels."

    Submitted by mariad4b156b63a

    15. Hand-me-downs

    "My Grandma gave me vintage lingerie… and it used to be hers. I opened it up in front of my whole family. She just shrugged and told me they were just night gowns, but it was definitely lingerie."

    Submitted by katmf

    16. Buzz kill

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    Submitted by c4f4cb991f

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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