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    21 Larry David Lines From "Curb Your Enthusiasm" That Will Still Make You Laugh

    "I didn't want to do a stop and chat."

    1. When he ordered some coffee.

    2. When the customer wasn't always right.

    3. When he wasn't in the mood for small talk.

    4. And when he tried to take small talk to the next stage.

    5. When he wanted a lie.

    6. When he justified his actions.

    7. When he summed up the kind of person who'd wear sunglasses indoors.

    8. When he perfectly summed up dating.

    9. When he explained why he holds onto his glass at parties.

    10. When he defined a miracle.

    11. When he noticed a fatal character flaw.

    12. When he explained one of his pet peeves.

    13. And when he wasn't joking.

    14. When he wasn't in a smiling mood.

    15. When he showed his artistic side.

    16. When he fucked up an apology.

    17. When he was completely turned off.

    18. When he had good intentions.

    19. When he made plans.

    20. When he ate the baby Jesus.

    21. And when he was pretty…pretty…pretty…good.