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How Far Frodo And Sam Actually Walked In "The Lord Of The Rings" Trilogy

Turns out it was pretty damn far.

Imgur user mattsawizard worked out the distance Frodo and Sam travelled to get from Bag End all the way to Mount Doom.

New Line Cinema

Comparing the distance with locations in our world gives a sense of how just how far the duo travelled. Here's the breakdown:

Hobbiton to Bree

Miles: 120

Hours of Walking: 40

Equivalent of: London to Nottingham

Bree to Rivendell

Miles: 300

Hours of Walking: 90

Equivalent of: Land's End to London

Rivendell to Moria

Miles: 175

Hours of Walking: 60

Equivalent of: Manchester to London

Lorien to Amon Hen

Miles: 300

Hours of Walking: N/A*

Equivalent of: Newcastle to London

*Frodo and Sam completed this part of the journey in boats.

Amon Hen to the Black Gate

Miles: 160

Hours of Walking: 50

Equivalent of: Cardiff to London

Black Gate to Minas Morgul

Miles: 110

Hours of Walking: 35

Equivalent of: Leicester to London

Cirith Ungol to Mount Doom

Miles: 70

Hours of Walking: 25

Equivalent of: Swindon to London

With a total distance of 1,350 miles and 440 hours of walking time, that's the same as trekking from London to Niš, Serbia.

And for Americans, that's the equivalent of walking from Los Angeles to Austin, Texas.

They must have been extra grateful for that lift home.

New Line Cinema

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