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16 Things That Should Never, Ever Have Been Peeled

Warning: You might want to unsee some of these.

1. Want to see what's hiding inside an aloe vera leaf?

2. And check out the secret that blueberries have been keeping from us:

3. This is what the leaves of a pineapple look like when stripped off and laid out on a table:

4. And here's the rest of a peeled pineapple:

5. There's a very good reason you've probably never seen a peeled cherry before:

6. Here's what a raw egg looks like without its shell:

7. Here's a clean-shaven lychee for you to enjoy:

8. A peeled lemon looks very similar to its citrusy cousin, the orange:

9. Same thing with a lime:

10. These peeled pomegranates look like something out of a horror movie:

11. Here's a watermelon without its iconic green casing:

12. And here's a de-shelled coconut:

13. If we're being honest, this strawberry should never have been peeled:

14. This peeled avocado is strangely alluring:

15. Whereas this peeled avocado stone is straight-up disturbing:

16. And finally, here's a perfectly peeled tomato:

H/T r/mildlyinteresting.