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16 Things That Should Never, Ever Have Been Peeled

Warning: You might want to unsee some of these.

1. Want to see what's hiding inside an aloe vera leaf?

JoshPlaysUltimate / Via

2. And check out the secret that blueberries have been keeping from us:

cmastalski / Via

3. This is what the leaves of a pineapple look like when stripped off and laid out on a table:

hockeypup19 / Via

4. And here's the rest of a peeled pineapple:

kumquatlord / Via

5. There's a very good reason you've probably never seen a peeled cherry before:

Cheesecakeok / Via

6. Here's what a raw egg looks like without its shell:

Kataytay_14 / Via

7. Here's a clean-shaven lychee for you to enjoy:

Hellfire_Bob / Via

8. A peeled lemon looks very similar to its citrusy cousin, the orange:

Shlaaap / Via

9. Same thing with a lime:

jandsb_fan / Via

10. These peeled pomegranates look like something out of a horror movie:

happyhippo77 / Via

11. Here's a watermelon without its iconic green casing:

Hilltopchill / Via

12. And here's a de-shelled coconut:

Hercuz / Via

13. If we're being honest, this strawberry should never have been peeled:

14. This peeled avocado is strangely alluring:

alittlebitstitious / Via

15. Whereas this peeled avocado stone is straight-up disturbing:

MexicanOreos / Via

16. And finally, here's a perfectly peeled tomato:

H/T r/mildlyinteresting.