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An App Has Been Launched That Tells You How Old You Look And The Internet Is Already Testing Its Limits

Turns out people are really interested in age.

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In case you haven't seen it yet, Microsoft has launched an app that tells you how old you look.

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With mixed results.

How Old Do I Look fail, lol. #HowOldDoILook

Some good.

Since everyone else on here is doing this shiz...they actually got my age right 👏👏👏

Some bad.

Yah. Spot on. Great Grandma is 33 in this pic. #howold #fail

So it didn't take long for people to start experimenting.

From celebrities... world leaders...


...and everything…

Almost... #Microsoft #howold being tested on the app.

Even the dead are being judged.

Close! Only off by 3,251 years! King Tut would be flattered, though. #HowOld

Religious figures aren't safe either.

Nope. Old Testament says 600 so SOMEONE'S telling fibs eh #howold ?

Apparently inanimate objects have ages too.

OK Microsoft is straight up trolling my sister and the plastic baby here

The only escape is to not exist at all.

But hey, it judges us all equally at least.

Lmao @microsoft @GabeAul @thurrott @satyanadella @tomwarren @maryjofoley @joebelfiore @JoannaStern #Build2015

And age is just a number, right?
  1. How accurate was the app work for you?

    Pretty damn accurate.
    Way, way off.
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How accurate was the app work for you?
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    Pretty damn accurate.
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    Way, way off.
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