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How Good Is Your Short-Term Memory When It Comes To Remembering Faces?

Can your ability to recognize faces help solve a crime?

You're enjoying a day out in an art gallery when suddenly you notice a man acting suspicious.

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Who is this mysterious man? Maybe it's worth trying to memorize his face.

As soon as you get home you turn on the news and hear the following: "Master of disguise, and art thief extraordinaire Fritz Cabana has struck again!"

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I'm not telling any tales out of school when I say that Fritz Cabana is a bad, bad man.

Remember that painting that got stolen from the Louvre all those years ago? Not the Mona Lisa, but that other one — the one that depicts a biblical scene or something. That very painting was stolen by Fritz Cabana.

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Goddamn you Cabana, I always wanted to see that painting in person!

Your attention is further grabbed when the location of Cabana's latest crime is revealed. RIGHT INSIDE THE ART GALLERY WHERE YOU JUST WERE.

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Shit, better call the five-O.

Luckily it turns out detective Doyle is on the case, and he wants YOU to describe exactly what YOU saw.

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You may remember a spate of Fabergé egg thefts that shook Europe to its core in the early '90s. He's responsible for solving that case. It's thanks to detective Doyle that we now live in a world where people are free to display their Fabergé eggs without fear.

With detective Doyle's excellent skills at creating e-fits, we can finally put an end to Cabana's reign of terror. Let's go…

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