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19 Strange, Horrific, And Downright Disturbing Things People Have Eaten While Drunk

DO NOT attempt to eat any of these at home.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the weirdest, most messed-up thing they've eaten while drunk. Here are some of the best responses!


2. "Flamin' Hot Cheetos rolled up in sliced deli chicken."

Submitted by alexb430db341f

3. "I once put a plate of tuna and out-of-date mayo on the kitchen window ledge for the local stray cat. I went out to the club, came home wasted, and ate it."

Submitted by jacobm486a044d3

5. "After a night of partying, my friends and I all decided to make grilled cheese. When they tasted awful we couldn’t figure out why, until we realised that we had used air freshener instead of cooking spray in the pan."

Submitted by kateb47a2cf44a

6. "I once had a bowl of Alpen and mayonnaise – two of my favourite foods. I woke up in the morning and had a little giggle at the "dream" I’d had, went downstairs and found the bowl and its offending contents in the sink."

Submitted by michellen40b85392d


8. "I came home to see there was nothing to eat except a raw, frozen chicken. I decided to place it in the microwave to speed up the thawing process and then put it in the microwave again for another five minutes to cook. My roommate found me on our kitchen floor passed out the next day with bits of pink chicken on my shirt – I was sick as a dog."

Submitted by tammyt66

9. "A sandwich filled with Monster Munch, liver pâté, mayo, chilli sauce, processed cheese, and pickles."

Submitted by David Spears, Facebook

11. "Thought I’d have some oven chips when I came in at 3am, so I pulled out the bag from the freezer, poured them onto a baking a tray and put them in the oven. I came back half an hour later and ate them all. I remembered thinking that they tasted odd, but I ate most of them anyway. Turns out I’d only put the oven to 100 degrees celsius…. So I’d eaten raw chips."

Submitted by lindsayp42cf3293d


12. "In my third year of uni I was steaming and had nothing in, so I opted for some old, dry Weetabix with a shitload of salad cream dolloped on top. It was strangely satisfying."

Submitted by nimmy

14. "Fruit Loops with light blue Gatorade instead of milk. I don’t know what I was thinking but tbh it was great."

Submitted by edoddo

15. "Back when I first started in uni my diet consisted of beer and instant noodles. After one night of heavy beer drinking I got home really drunk and was craving some ramen. I went ahead and cooked it and started to eat it instantly but it was too hot for my throat so I vomited up a ramen-foamy-beer-vomit into the bowl. It was my last ramen so I decided to go ahead and eat the lot. I woke up the next morning feeling like a hunger-satisfied abomination to mankind."

Submitted by corbmacm

17. "I wanted chips and a dip but didn’t have a dip and the store was closed. I mixed peanut butter and strawberry jelly and used that as a tortilla chip dip."

Submitted by lizc44c6df2a1

18. "One of the first times I ever got drunk I didn’t know how much alcohol was way too much. I ended up eating cheerios and milk out of the trash can."

Submitted by ehuard1993

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