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    Updated on Sep 1, 2020. Posted on Dec 29, 2016

    34 Of The Biggest Fuck-Ups In Design History

    How hard is it to make something that doesn't resemble a cock? Via r/CrappyDesign.

    1. These curiously shaped Lush bath bombs.

    2. This happy inflatable toy.

    3. "Arse & shine"

    4. This cake that's supposed to read "beloved aunt".

    5. This issue of Where magazine.

    6. This impressively sized swimming pool.

    7. "Shart stop"

    8. This strangely sexual dentist logo.

    9. And this logo for a Russian bread company.

    10. "Ha anal"

    11. This slightly phallic ring-holder.

    12. This questionable airport sign.

    13. This X-rayed child.

    14. "$exchange"

    15. This excited banana slide.

    16. This happy-go-lucky cartoon bone.

    17. This breathtaking sea view interrupted with what appear to be testicles hanging above.

    18. "Fart taco"

    19. This car decal showing a dog owner's love.

    20. This coin-operated machine.

    21. These problematic socks.

    22. And these Asos sandals that look just as bad if you cross your feet.

    23. "Mega clitz"

    24. This Batman water pistol who's all too happy to have his trigger pulled.

    25. This cake that's meant to be a turkey.

    26. This untraditional wall clock.

    27. This carpet cleaner that wasn't meant to look like it reads "vag steam".

    28. This mess of a pet store name.

    29. This baseball team's logo.

    30. "The wanky teapot"

    31. This McDonald's coffee cup.

    32. "Bon ape tit"

    33. This interesting weight loss shake.

    34. This alternative Christmas tree.


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