16 Disturbing Toys So Horrifying You'll Wish You Could Unsee Them

    Your future nightmares.

    1. This baby/sea creature hybrid that's straight out of a horror movie.

    2. This toy horse that's a little too anatomically correct.

    3. This night light that's probably going to give you a fear of the dark.

    4. This doll who looks like she's about to cause trouble.

    5. This Winnie-the-Pooh with added human teeth for some ungodly reason.

    6. This teddy bear with disturbing battery instructions.

    7. This pony with an unnerving secret inside.

    8. This dinosaur who's been hitting the Devil's lettuce.

    9. This frisbee with a strangely unsettling double smile.

    10. This puzzle that looks just a little too much like a butt plug.

    11. This Big Hero 6 balloon that's a little too happy to be inflated.

    12. This monstrous Pikachu ride.

    13. This baby which has just crawled its way up from the depths of Hell.

    14. This lion that comes with a ball gag.

    15. This very excited inflatable pirate.

    16. And finally, whatever the hell this thing is supposed to be.