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    25 Castles In Wales That Look Straight Out Of A Fantasy Novel

    Eat your heart out, Disney.

    1. Caerphilly Castle

    Flickr: alecea / Creative commons
    Flickr: nicolerugman / Creative commons
    Flickr: axelrd / Creative commons

    Location: Caerphilly.

    This giant stone fortress, surrounded by a series of moats and watery islands, was constructed in the 13th century as part of a campaign to conquer Glamorgan. The castle has served as backdrop for many TV shows and films, including the recent BBC series Merlin.

    More information here.

    2. Carreg Cennen Castle

    Flickr: umbrellasheep / Creative commons
    Flickr: rob_moments / Creative commons
    Flickr: rob_moments / Creative commons

    Location: Trapp, Carmarthenshire.

    Steeped in legend, Carreg Cennen Castle has a rich history dating back to the 12th century, and possibly even earlier. Suituated in the western corner of the Brecon Beacons National Park, legend says that the original fortress belonged to the Welsh Knight Urien Rheged and his son Owain during the reign of King Arthur.

    More information here.

    3. Dinefwr Castle

    Flickr: 21081514@N08 / Creative commons
    Flickr: glenbowman / Creative commons
    Flickr: glenbowman / Creative commons

    Location: Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire

    The ivy-clad ruins of Dinefwr Castle quietly occupies a hilltop high above the scenic Tywi valley. The building's history is closely linked with the rule of the Lord Rhys.

    More information here.

    4. Kidwelly Castle

    Flickr: steeljam / Creative commons
    Flickr: glenbowman / Creative commons
    Flickr: sussertod / Creative commons

    Location: Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire.

    The current stone reincarnation of the castle was built sometime in the 13th century by the Normans. Amazingly, the structure is incredibly well-preserved, despite being the site of many battles.

    More information here.

    5. Laugharne Castle

    Flickr: chr1sp / Creative commons
    Flickr: heatheronhertravels / Creative commons
    Flickr: heatheronhertravels / Creative commons

    Location: Laugharne, Carmarthenshire.

    Standing over the estuary, this impressive fortress is a site to behold. Built in the 13th century, atop an earlier Norman castle, the mansion that now stands on site is the lasting legacy of Sir John Perrot. Poet Dylan Thomas once called Laugharne "The strangest town in Wales".

    More information here.

    6. Llansteffan Castle

    Flickr: jamesstringer / Creative commons
    Flickr: kevin_trahar / Creative commons
    Flickr: alchimiae / Creative commons

    Location: Llansteffan, Carmarthenshire.

    Llansteffan Castle overlooks the sand-flats of the mouth of the river Tywi and offers a stunning view of the surrounding area.

    More information here.

    7. Cardiff Castle

    Flickr: oliphant / Creative commons
    Flickr: duncanh1 / Creative commons
    Flickr: duncanh1 / Creative commons

    Location: Cardiff.

    Cardiff Castle is perhaps the most well-known castle in Wales toady. Located in the heart of the city, the site has a rich history, spanning over 2,000 years.

    More information here.

    8. Dolwyddelan Castle

    Flickr: timjdfletcher / Creative commons
    Flickr: taniaho / Creative commons
    Flickr: autumnal-fires / Creative commons

    Location: Dolwyddelan, Conwy.

    Sitting amongst the famed mountains of Snowdonia, the remains of the partly-ruined Dolwyddelan Castle blend seamlessly into the beautiful surroundings.

    More information here.

    9. Margam Castle

    Flickr: gruban / Creative commons
    Flickr: declarationend / Creative commons
    Flickr: roguesoul / Creative commons

    Location: Port Talbot, Neath

    With its spectacular staircase and sprawling courtyards, this Tudor Gothic mansion is a must see for all lovers of good architecture.

    More information here.

    10. Bodelwyddan Castle

    Flickr: purpleseadonkey / Creative commons
    Flickr: warhead / Creative commons
    Flickr: purpleseadonkey / Creative commons

    Location: Bodelwyddan, Denbighshire.

    Bodelwyddan Castle was built around 1460 by the Humphreys family of Anglesey as a manor house. It is now a Grade II* Listed Building and is open to the public.

    More information here.

    11. Castell Coch

    Flickr: lesbessant / Creative commons
    Flickr: hh27 / Creative commons
    Flickr: meenaghd / Creative commons

    Location: Tongwynlais, Cardiff.

    Overlooking the village of Tongwynlais, this Disney-esque revival castle was rebuilt in the 19th-century – a whole 500 years after its destruction.

    More information here.

    12. Caernarfon Castle

    Flickr: swampa / Creative commons
    Flickr: swampa / Creative commons
    Flickr: tancread / Creative commons

    Location: Caernarfon, Gwynedd.

    With its imposingly high walls, Caernarfon castle is one of the most impressive structures in Wales and more than worthy of its World Heritage status. In 1969, the current Prince of Wales, HRH Prince Charles’s investiture took place here.

    More information here.

    13. Dolbadarn Castle

    Flickr: 47515486@N05 / Creative commons
    Flickr: 42614915@N00 / Creative commons
    Flickr: ziedu_mate / Creative commons

    Location: Llanberis, Gwynedd.

    Thought to have been built by Llywelyn 'the Great' ab Iorwerth early in the 13th century, the castle is dominated by a massive round-towered keep, standing up to 50 feet high.

    More information here.

    14. Harlech Castle

    Flickr: jamesstringer / Creative commons
    Flickr: 10413717@N08 / Creative commons
    Flickr: 24481894@N08 / Creative commons

    Location: Harlech, Gwynedd.

    Constructed at the order of English monarch Edward I in the late 13th century, Harlech Castle is the epitome of a castle designed as a fortress. Sitting atop a large rock formation, the castle blends in beautifully with its natural surroundings.

    More information here.

    15. Penrhyn Castle

    Flickr: bvi4092 / Creative commons
    Flickr: samburnett / Creative commons
    Flickr: lisibo / Creative commons

    Location: Llandegai, Gwynedd.

    The enormous 19th-century Penrhyn Castle sits dignified between Snowdonia and the Menai Strait. It's estimated that the Pennant Family spent £150,000 on its construction. This is the approximate equivalent to about £49,500,000 today.

    More information here.

    16. Beaumaris Castle

    Flickr: lyng883 / Creative commons
    Flickr: lyng883 / Creative commons
    Flickr: heatherramsden / Creative commons

    Location: Beaumaris, Isle of Anglesey.

    Located on the Isle of Anglesey, Beaumaris Castle was built as part of Edward I's campaign to conquer the north of Wales. Work began on the castle in 1295 and ceased around 1330, uncompleted.

    More information here.

    17. Caldicot Castle

    Flickr: eirlys_howard / Creative commons
    Flickr: 34517490@N00 / Creative commons
    Flickr: 34517490@N00 / Creative commons

    Location: Caldicot, Monmouthshire.

    Built by the Normans, developed as a stronghold in the Middle Ages and restored as a Victorian family home, Caldicot Castle has a long and interesting history.

    More information here.

    18. Chepstow Castle

    Flickr: s2ublack / Creative commons
    Flickr: waldopepper / Creative Commons
    Flickr: damiavos / Creative commons

    Location: Chepstow, Monmouthshire.

    The oldest surviving post-Roman stone fortification in Britain, Chepstow Castle sits majestically atop cliffs overlooking the River Wye.

    More information here.

    19. Conwy Castle

    Flickr: erwlas / Creative commons
    Flickr: perki496 / Creative commons
    Flickr: dfluff / Creative commons

    Location: Conwy.

    Built for Edward I, by Master James of St George, the castle is amongst the finest surviving medieval fortifications in Britain.

    More information here.

    20. Raglan Castle

    Flickr: marcinchady / Creative commons
    Flickr: 58554451@N00 / Creative commons
    Flickr: 15168532@N00 / Creative commons

    Location: Raglan, Monmouthshire.

    Standing on the south eastern edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park, Raglan Castle is one the finest late medieval fortress in Britain.

    More information here.

    21. Usk Castle

    Flickr: rickscully / Creative commons
    Flickr: itsaboyd / Creative commons
    Flickr: gauiscaecilius / Creative commons

    Location: Usk, Monmouthshire.

    The romantic and secretive ruins of Usk Castle overlook the equally romantic town of Usk, and the valley beyond.

    More information here.

    22. Carew Castle

    Flickr: chrisandfi / Creative commons
    Flickr: cashkate / Creative commons
    Flickr: bennbeck / Creative commons

    Location: Carew, Pembrokeshire.

    Carew Castle has a history spanning 2,000 years. Set in a stunning location, overlooking a giant pond on one side, and the natural Pembrokeshire scenery on the other, the castle offers beautiful uninterrupted views to visitors.

    More information here.

    23. Manorbier Castle

    Flickr: tonyyoung / Creative commons
    Flickr: jamesstringer / Creative commons
    Flickr: tigr / Creative commons

    Location: Manorbier, Pembrokeshire.

    Overlooking a beautiful unspoilt beach, Manorbier Castle is an alluring castle that invites visitors to explore its enclosure and towers.

    More information here.

    24. Roch Castle

    Flickr: cryptic / Creative commons
    Flickr: cryptic / Creative commons
    Flickr: 22991060@N04 / Creative commons

    Location: Roch, Pembrokeshire.

    Now serving as a wedding venue and hotel, the 12th century Roch Castle in Pembrokeshire is a restored heritage property located within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

    More information here.

    25. Powis Castle

    Flickr: antoskabar / Creative commons
    Flickr: stevepj2009 / Creative commons
    Flickr: 27913684@N04 / Creative commons

    Location: Welshpool, Powys.

    Originally built as a medieval fortress, this beautiful French and Italian inspired castle is home to a world-famous garden.

    More information here.

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