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Nadiya Did Her Sassiest Response Ever On The Final Of "Bake Off" 2015

"…Happy, Paul?"

Never get in the way of Nadiya's baking. Ever. / Via Love Productions / BBC

Paul Hollywood found this out when he asked "Happy, Nadiya?" and then just hung around.

Love Productions / BBC / BuzzFeed

Awkwardly staring. For no reason.

Love Productions / BBC / BuzzFeed

And then…

Love Productions / BBC / BuzzFeed

The internet acted accordingly.

Nadyia gets so many points for saying "happy Paul?" #gbbo #allthesass

"Happy, Paul?" sounded like the new "Miley, what's good?" tbh #GBBOFinal

OMG this episode is literally useless men floundering as Nadiya glides to victory. Never has she been more 💅💅💅

Don't fuck with Nadiya. Seriously.

Love Productions / BBC

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