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Can You Get Through These 17 GIFs Of Massive Zits Being Popped Without Shielding Your Eyes?

You may want to look away now. Via r/popping

1. The face at the end of this relief bringing squeeze says it all.

2. There's just something soothing about watching these things get drained.

3. Doesn't this make you feel relaxed?

4. Just imagine how gratifying this must feel...

5. ...getting rid of all the bad stuff.

6. This sudden release of pressure looks so strangely satisfying.

7. Yeah, it's kind of gross to watch...

8. ...but there's no denying there's something beautiful about these GIFs.

9. This person must be feeling so much better.

10. And this person, too.

11. I feel better for them myself.

12. This satisfying explosion is nothing short of hypnotising.

13. It's almost impossible to look away.

14. Just look at this mini eruption.

15. How is it possible to feel such disgust and satisfaction at the same time?

16. Yet here we are.

17. Don't you feel oddly satisfied now?

Serious note: Don't try this at home. Popping one yourself can easily lead to infection, so if you have a cyst that's causing you pain, visit a doctor.