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    19 Simple But Genius Inventions That Prove Humanity Has Peaked

    Elevator technology has really come a long way. Via /r/mildlyinteresting.

    1. This fountain with a drainage spout that allows excess water to fill up below for dogs to drink.

    2. This elevator with buttons you can kick to choose your floor.

    3. And this elevator call button located down the corridor so you won't have to wait as long.

    4. These hooks in a changing room that let you hang clothes according to wether you'd like to buy them or not.

    5. This little device that let's you see if your parcel has been mishandled during delivery.

    6. This park bench fitted with an umbrella holding sculpture to keep you dry on rainy days.

    7. And this fence that's been shaped to provide seating.

    8. This bar sign designed to encourage customers to report bad behaviour.

    9. These chairs in a ski resort that come with storage space for your helmet and gloves.

    10. This pot of chewing gum that comes with little pieces of paper for you spit your gum into.

    11. This handle for opening the toilet door with your foot so your hands can remain germ-free.

    12. This hotel mirror with a heated centre that won't steam up when you take a shower.

    13. This spatula with a little stand to keep the end of it off the kitchen counter.

    14. This shirt with a microfibre cloth stitched underneath to help clean your glasses.

    15. This elevator with a scale that measures how close you are to exceeding the weight limit.

    16. This spot for people to meetup safely and exchange goods.

    17. This webcam cover to stop the FBI spying on you.

    18. These parking spaces where the line is printed onto the barrier, making it easier to see your parking space.

    19. And this wall display that lets you see the exact size of the pizzas available.

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