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21 Things Everyone Who Went To Primary School In Wales Remembers


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4. And when Wales won the Six Nations, you could guarantee that your next assembly would be dedicated to the team.

6. You had to dress up like this on St. David's Day.

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And there's photographic evidence of you in your outfit proudly displayed on your parents' living room mantlepiece.

9. The only other school day as good was when the teacher wheeled in a TV.

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You were most likely going to be stuck watching Sali Mali or Super Ted, but still, it was better than work.

10. And there was the day of the school Eisteddfod, which also meant you didn't have to do any school work.

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16. And most of the teachers were called Davies, Jenkins, Williams, and Evans.


There were probably multiple teachers with the same surnames, resulting in the use of nicknames.

17. Inevitably, at some point, you played rugby during what could only be classified as a huge fucking rainstorm.

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The coach would always say it was just a light drizzle, while they stood there wearing the thickest hooded coat known to man.

18. There was the annual trip to Llangrannog, which you got to go on once you reached a certain age.

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