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    21 Foods That Spectacularly Failed To Live Up To Expectations

    Welcome to reality.

    1. This custom built tower of sadness.

    2. This frosted version of Olaf's evil twin.

    3. This bag of broccoli that manages to make the bad even worse.

    4. This SpongeBob ice cream that wants to be put out of its misery.

    5. These sadness-inducing heart-shaped cookies.

    6. This liquid soup of pudding-y sorrow.

    7. This lump of cookie that dreamt of being a stallion.

    8. This heap of sad egg owl.

    9. These disillusioned Cookie Monsters.

    10. And these baby Groots in the midst of an existential crisis.

    11. This weak batch of Breaking Bad–inspired meth candy.

    12. This chocolate chipless bar of disappointment.

    13. Can we fix it? No. No we can't.

    14. These hatching chick sponge cakes that probably wish they'd stayed in the egg.

    15. And these chick snacks that just look downright sad.

    16. This Captain America lollipop ring that's seen some serious shit.

    17. This tray of freshly cooked disasters.

    18. These two wannabe heart-shaped pizzas.

    19. Whatever this ended up being.

    20. This cupcake that looks like it's been crushed by a falling house.

    21. And this demon-faced pancake from the bowels of hell.