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    37 Foods And Drinks From Your Childhood That You'll Never Taste Again

    This can't be the end.

    1. Squeezit

    Facebook: Squeeze-Its

    More about twisting the bottle open than the actual drink inside.

    2. Citrus- and butterscotch-flavoured Polos

    Close your eyes and you can still taste them.

    3. Penguin Flipper Dippers

    Twitter: @LFPackaging

    Despite lacking a trademark Penguin joke under the wrapper, these flipper-shaped biscuits complete with chocolate dip were the greatest of all time.

    4. Cadbury Snaps

    Twitter: @liamboynex

    Pringle-shaped chocolaty goodness.

    5. Original Sunny Delight

    Twitter: @Lochlann_G

    Briefly disappeared after some kids turned yellow and returned to the shelves with a new recipe, although the original is still available in the US.

    6. Taz bar

    Facebook: When-I-was-your-age-Caramel-Freddos-were-called-Taz-bars / BuzzFeed

    There was just something better, other than the 10p price tag, about the Taz bar before it disappeared and came back as the Freddo Caramel.

    7. Heinz Baked Beans Pizza

    Pouring a tin of baked beans on to a pizza just isn't the same.

    8. 3D Doritos

    Twitter: @CLB1996

    Now only available in boring old 2D.

    9. Kit Kat Senses / Creative Commons

    Probably best remembered for their advert featuring Cheryl Cole, these Kinder Bueno pretenders were pretty damn sweet.

    10. Sherbet fountain in paper packaging.

    Sure, it was kind of unhygienic, but that was part of the fun, I guess.

    11. McCain's Micro Chips

    The perfect quick fix snack after a night out, but probably best to avoid eating while sober.

    12. Hubba Bubba Bubble Jug

    Bubblegum just tasted better out of a jug.

    13. Turkey Twizzlers

    Twitter: @trackerj4cker

    We still haven't forgiven Jamie Oliver for this.

    14. Bendicks Mingles

    The perfect thing to take over to a friend's house for a sleepover.

    15. Toffo

    Flickr: milknosugar / Creative Commons

    Toffee just doesn't seem to be hip these days.

    16. Baby Bottle Pops

    OK, maybe these were a little weird, but they still bring back memories.

    17. Cadbury's Dream

    Pure and simple white chocolate.

    18. Flake Snow

    Another white chocolate gem lost to the ages.

    19. Cheetos

    Flickr: emisfurreal / Creative Commons

    Like Wotsits, only cheesier. Still widely available in the US, which just rubs salt into the wound.

    20. Panda Pops

    The quintessential tuck shop drink. Discontinued in 2011.

    21. Mars Delight

    Gone way before its time. RIP Mars Delight.

    22. Peppermint breath strips

    Possibly the only dental product that turned into a schoolyard treat, albeit briefly.

    23. Wonka Whipple Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight

    Released as a tie-in to promote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but took on a life of its own as a delicious chocolate bar.

    24. Heinz Green Ketchup

    Although the bottle claimed it had the exact same taste as regular ketchup, your mind said otherwise.

    25. Cartoonies

    Cute little biscuit pockets of chocolate.

    26. Frufoo yoghurts

    Twitter: @J_Semps

    The most underrated and wrongly forgotten-about yoghurt of the late '90s.

    27. Fuse

    A king among giants. Maybe we just weren't ready or deserving of its greatness.

    28. Starburst Joosters

    What's better than a jelly bean? Extra juicy jelly beans, of course.

    29. Storck Campino

    The younger and sexier brother of Werther's Original.

    30. Triple Power Push Pop

    Good to the very last 5%, upon which it became a battle between your teeth and the remaining sticky leftovers clinging desperately to the stick.

    31. Cadbury's Marble

    Milk chocolate, white chocolate, and hazelnut. The perfect blend.

    32. Rowntrees Bursting Bugs

    Surprisingly tasty for sweets designed to simulate the feeling of eating an insect.

    33. Fizzy Jerkz

    So fizzy. So damn good.

    34. Ice cream flavour Chewits

    Of all the Chewits flavours, this one stood highest atop the taste mountain.

    35. Calippo Shots

    Nothing could make you feel tougher on a warm summer day than grabbing a pack of Calippo Shots and downing it at breakneck speed.

    36. Spira

    Like a straw, only made of chocolate.

    37. Polo Super Mint

    Super mini Polos that came in a cool Polo-shaped case. Enough said.

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