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24 Food Pictures That Will Make You Say "Oh God, Why?"

What's the point in even trying anymore?

1. This Pinterest-inspired pear cake.

2. This misshapen horse cookie.

3. And this misshapen dog cookie (with added real-life dog to see just how badly the baker messed up).

4. This homemade macaroni and cheese…something.

5. This horrifying example of forgetting to take food out of the oven.

6. This cake recipe that's not gone to plan.

7. This whole tree of broccoli resting awkwardly in a pan.

8. This disastrous attempt at cooking spaghetti.

9. These spooky treats that turned out even more disturbing.

10. This poor upside-down pizza.

11. This toastie with some literal plastic cheese on the inside.

12. This completely failed waffle.

13. This slicer that's ruined some perfectly fine veg.

14. This deceptively hollow cake.

15. This batch of conjoined cookies.

16. This over-leaked brownie in a mug.

17. This burst peppery egg.

18. This waffley mess.

19. This inspired cookie idea that didn't go to plan.

20. This unique way of cooking meat.

21. This failed attempt at toast – yes, toast.

22. This beautiful pizza that's with the angels now.

23. This butchered cabbage that I guess just didn't want to be cut.

24. And this meal that ended up looking nothing like expected.