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23 Famous People You Probably Didn't Know Were In That TV Show

What was the lead singer of Fall Out Boy doing on House?!

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community who they've been surprised to see make an appearance on a TV show. Here are the most shocking responses.

1. Shia LaBeouf in Freeks and Geeks

2. Neil Patrick Harris in Murder, She Wrote

3. Lin-Manuel Miranda in How I Met Your Mother

4. Leslie Odom Jr. in Gilmore Girls

5. Billie Joe Armstrong (From Green Day) in Nurse Jackie

6. Don Cheadle in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

7. Amy Adams in Charmed

8. Justin Bieber in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

9. Adam Levine (from Maroon 5) in American Horror Story: Asylum

10. Paris Hilton in Supernatural

11. Paris Hilton in The O.C.

12. Patrick Stump (from Fall Out Boy) in House

13. Idris Elba in Absolutely Fabulous

14. Chad Michaels in Jane the Virgin

15. Quentin Tarantino in The Golden Girls

16. Seth MacFarlane in Gilmore Girls

17. Donald Trump in Sex and The City

18. Art Garfunkel in Arthur

19. Joe Biden in Parks and Recreation

20. Billy Bob Thorton in The Big Bang Theory

21. Jack Black in The X-Files

22. Stephen King in Sons of Anarchy

23. Jennifer Lawrence in Monk

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