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19 Faces Everyone Who Works Weekends Will Immediately Recognise

I dare you to say 'TGIF' again.

1. The "Yay, It's Friday!" Face.

2. The "Missing Out On Yet Another Social Event" Face.

3. The "Watching Daytime TV On My Day Off" Face.

4. The "No, I Can't Just Take A Day Off Face".

5. The "Please Come Out Drinking On A Weeknight" Face.

6. The "Why Won't Anyone Come Out Drinking On A Weeknight" Face.

7. The "Spending My Day Off Alone. Again." Face.

8. The "Someone Just Said Enjoy Your Weekend" Face.

9. The "Please Stop Talking About It Being Friday" Face.

10. The "Having To Book WEEKS In Advance To Get A Weekend Off" Face.

11. The "Oh God, Why Did I Check What Others Were Doing While I'm Working?" Face.

12. The "Please Rain So Others Can Be As Miserable As Me" Face.

13. The "How Do You Keep Forgetting I Work Weekends?" Face.

14. The "Wait, What Day Of The Week Is It Again?" Face.

15. The "Great, Another Work Party On A Friday" Face.

16. The "I Shouldn't Have Listened To My Friends And Gone Out Drinking When I'm Working The Next Day" Face.

17. The "Working With A Major Hangover" Face.

18. But It's Almost All Worth It For The "Not Having To Go Shopping When It's Busy On A Weekend" Face.

19. And The "Monday Has No Power Over Me" Face.