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    16 Times Facebook Marketplace Went Way, Way Too Far

    Nowhere does customer service better.

    1. When someone thought they spotted the bargain of the century.

    2. When a dealer got busted.

    3. When a break up was justified.

    4. When a seller took a unique approach to photos.

    5. Seriously, does no one own a mirror?

    6. When someone's boyfriend didn't like licorice.

    7. When someone was conned into buying this "TV".

    8. When a budding entrepreneur started selling their own gas.

    9. When a seller couldn't do the maths.

    10. When an artist was selling a not-so-photorealistic drawing for the bargain price of $50.

    11. And when someone wanted $500 for, let's be honest, a very basic chair.

    12. When this user made an incredibly morbid sales pitch.

    13. When this story unfolded.

    14. When someone invented their very own line of pet products.

    15. When this genius struck.

    16. And when this seller forgot about their own reflection.