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18 Funny, Fabulous, And Inspirational Signs From London Pride 2015


1. This brilliantly witty chalkboard.

Well done @CentralandCo loving your pride sign ๐Ÿ˜‰ #gay #Pride #PrideinLondon

2. These signs held proudly by Alan Turing's family.

Alan Turing's family marching at #PrideinLondon!

3. This book shop sign, containing a beautiful quote.

4. These signs of support from the church.

5. This sign celebrating gay icons of music.

I found Macklemore at #PrideinLondon #SameLove

6. This black cab adorning the pride colours.

7. And this double decker, too.

8. Even Nando's cheekily got involved with the action.

9. This flag in honour of Obama.

My portrait of @BarackObama on to the #rainbow flag! #PrideinLondon #EqualityWins #LoveIsLove #MarriageEquaility

10. And this one mocking Putin.

11. This sign by a teacher representing.

Great slogan! Queer Muslim teachers say Pride not prevent. #LondonPride #Pride2015

12. These banners showing the beautiful side of the game.

#LGBT supporters Out & Proud @ #pridelondon with @gaygooners @SpursLGBT @prideinfootball

13. This simple, straight to the point message.

14. This sign that really sticks it to the man.

15. This on point message.

16. And this one, which is kind of impossible to argue against.

17. This piece of political wordplay.

And finally, a bonus sexy Obama, because why the hell not?

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