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    17 Eye-Catching Welsh Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Ink Up

    Dragons, daffodils, and little Welsh ladies.

    1. This Welsh take on a nesting doll.

    2. This combination of a Welsh flag and map.

    3. This perfect tattoo of all things Welsh.

    4. This strikingly powerful dragon.

    5. And this more subtle one.

    6. This breathtaking Welsh scenery.

    7. These beautifully coloured feathers.

    8. And this less colourful, but more detailed, work of art.

    9. This dragon, tearing its way through skin.

    10. These beautiful daffodils.

    11. This perfectly drawn dragon, surrounded by daffodils.

    12. This elegant text that curls into a heart.

    13. This unique leaf.

    14. This wonderful celtic-inspired ink

    15. This magical tattoo that captures the beauty of Wales.

    16. This tattoo in Welsh, that reads "Live, laugh, love".

    17. And this tattoo, that will fill all Welsh people with pride.