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17 Eye-Catching Welsh Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Ink Up

Dragons, daffodils, and little Welsh ladies.

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1. This Welsh take on a nesting doll.

Georgina Hawkes / Instagram: @riotsquadx

2. This combination of a Welsh flag and map.

Instagram: @richardowen24

3. This perfect tattoo of all things Welsh.

6. This breathtaking Welsh scenery.

Instagram: @thecagedfox

7. These beautifully coloured feathers.

8. And this less colourful, but more detailed, work of art.

Instagram: @deeperthanwar

9. This dragon, tearing its way through skin.

Instagram: @sir_tattoo

11. This perfectly drawn dragon, surrounded by daffodils.

12. This elegant text that curls into a heart.

Instagram: @liisilooo

14. This wonderful celtic-inspired ink

Instagram: @shelleytattoodles

15. This magical tattoo that captures the beauty of Wales.

Instagram: @sursumtattoo

16. This tattoo in Welsh, that reads "Live, laugh, love".

Instagram: @welsh_bitch

17. And this tattoo, that will fill all Welsh people with pride.

Instagram: @dinosaurstudiotattoo