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16 Customers Who Were Very, Very Wrong

The customer is not always right.

1. This customer who returned a Lego set for the dumbest reason possible:

2. This dog owner who left something important behind:

3. This customer who asked for the impossible when receiving a delivery:

4. This person who didn't know how expiry dates work:

5. This customer who though they'd diagnosed the problem:

6. This customer who had no real reason to complain:

Being a waitress was my worst job to this day. This one bitch complained about a milkshake that ‘wasn’t made correctly’ so I transferred the same milkshake into a different cup with a new straw and she said it was ‘much better’ lmao bye

7. All of these Chipotle customers who had no idea what a bay leaf was:

8. This Amazon customer who asked a pointless question:

9. This shopper who purchased the wrong item:

10. This American who got confused in a French grocery store:

11. This shopper who took the whole cart stand:

12. This computer user who wanted to check if their equipment would be compatible:

13. This person who accidentally hit an extra "0" while ordering a tool:

14. This customer who should have double checked his pizza:

15. This guy who was sold some dodgy weed:

16. And this hopeful customer who had absolutely no idea what life-size means:

H/T r/facepalm