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    17 Tumblr Posts About Teachers Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

    "Chemists are never happy unless something is burning."

    1. When a user summed up seeing teachers in random places.

    2. When this teacher went to new heights in an attempt to stop cheating.

    3. When a student accidentally sent their teacher the wrong draft.

    4. When this chemistry teacher was proud of this work.

    5. When this student encountered his teacher outside of school. Like, WAY outside of school.

    6. When a substitute teacher had seen it all before.

    7. When this pun was unleashed upon the world:

    8. When a teacher laid out his fears.

    9. When this teacher had the perfect thirst-quenching drink.

    10. When this teacher couldn't even trust his students with a simple assignment.

    11. When a science teacher silenced the class.

    12. When a history teacher came up with the perfect analogy.

    13. When a user imagined the future generation of teaching.

    14. When a teacher had seen bigger.

    15. When these guys accurately captured the conversational style of teachers.

    16. When this teacher revealed herself to be a supervillain.

    17. And when this teacher made a huge mistake.