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    19 Dogs Stealing Our Jobs And Being So Damn Cute About It

    Seriously, can they just not?

    1. You can say goodbye to your office job.

    2. And your job in retail.

    3. Seriously, they have the whole sector covered.

    4. How is this even allowed?

    5. This dog definitely isn't qualified to work on a building yard, even if he does look adorable in a little high-visibility jacket and hat.

    6. This little guy is cute and all, but would you let him represent you in court?

    7. Or let this retriever wash your hair?

    8. "Where are you heading to?" – this dog, driving a goddamn taxi.

    9. They can even take care of themselves now.

    10. When they're not too busy looking after us.

    11. But they still need walking, right? WRONG.

    12. This whole thing has gone too far.

    13. They're even giving out financial advice.

    14. And commenting on news.

    15. How is this even legal?

    16. And since when did we allow them to graduate?

    17. Dogs can't even touch type.

    18. Look at this one, literally no idea what it's doing.

    19. Seriously, enough is enough.