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21 Life Lessons You Actually Learned In Secondary School

Swinging on a chair = certain death.

1. The life-threatening danger of swinging on the back legs of a chair.

Thinkstock / BuzzFeed

Every school had its version of the story where a former pupil swung too far back on their chair, fell, and cracked their head open.

2. How to masterfully apply nail varnish with Tipp-Ex.

3. That books can be genuinely heartbreaking.

Penguin Books
Warner Bros.

Goddamn you, George.

4. That there is literally nothing more important than having your shirt tucked in and top button done up.

Daniel Vineyard / Getty Images

5. That if you lose your jumper, you can find it again by smell.

Warner Bros.

If you misplaced your jumper among an identical pile of others, this was the only way you'd be able to recognise yours from the bunch.

6. That typing 55378008 into a calculator is pretty much the funniest thing you can ever do with numbers.

Flickr: troykelly / Creative Commons


7. That underground markets will spring up when items are banned.


There was always someone who made a tidy profit selling sweets on the playground.

8. How to say your name, where you're from, and list a hobby or two in French.

HBO / Via

Great for if you're ever travelling abroad and want to tell a waiter you enjoy playing netball.

9. The importance of a good font.


10. That it's completely possible to live solely on a diet of potato smileys and baked beans.

Thinkstock / BuzzFeed

Screw whatever propaganda Jamie Oliver is spreading.

11. How to draw tattoos on your own arm in biro.

Flickr: heydanielle / Creative Commons

A whole generation of tattoo artists was probably created by the boredom of second period French lessons.

12. That there's something strangely alluring about gas taps.

Flickr: crazyrazzle / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

13. That crocodile clips can be attached to anything, ESPECIALLY unsuspecting people's clothing.

Putting crocodile clips on people without them noticing

14. Just how fickle friendship can be.

Universal Studios

If someone pissed you off enough you'd have no hesitation in removing them from your top 16 Bebo friends the second you got home from school.

15. That learning to play an instrument is a waste of time when Casio keyboards come with a perfectly good demo button.

16. You can judge how cool someone is by how they wear their backpack.

17. And by where they sit on a bus.

Getty Images / BuzzFeed

18. That there's nothing cooler than knowing someone older than you.

When you were in year 7 and you knew a year 11

If you knew someone in a year above during secondary school, you were the shit.

19. That technology is the natural enemy of the teacher.

Flickr: kjarrett Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

When Smart Boards first started replacing overhead projects, at least a quarter of lessons were spent watching the teacher try to figure out how to use the damn things.

20. That forming a circle with your thumb and forefinger allows you to legally assault someone.

If you clicked reveal on the image above, you now have to punch yourself. Rules are rules.

21. That there's no better leaving gift than a shirt signed by your peers.

Flickr: thomasalexander / Creative Commons

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