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21 Life Lessons You Actually Learned In Secondary School

Swinging on a chair = certain death.

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1. The life-threatening danger of swinging on the back legs of a chair.

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Every school had its version of the story where a former pupil swung too far back on their chair, fell, and cracked their head open.


5. That if you lose your jumper, you can find it again by smell.

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If you misplaced your jumper among an identical pile of others, this was the only way you'd be able to recognise yours from the bunch.


13. That crocodile clips can be attached to anything, ESPECIALLY unsuspecting people's clothing.

Putting crocodile clips on people without them noticing


18. That there's nothing cooler than knowing someone older than you.

When you were in year 7 and you knew a year 11

If you knew someone in a year above during secondary school, you were the shit.


19. That technology is the natural enemy of the teacher.

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When Smart Boards first started replacing overhead projects, at least a quarter of lessons were spent watching the teacher try to figure out how to use the damn things.

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