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27 Funny, Random, And Bizarre Things People Have Bought Online While Drunk

From cat tents to dinosaur bones, and even true love, it turns out we order some really bizarre items when drunk.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us some of the good, bad, and downright weird thing's they've purchased online while drunk. Here are some of the best responses!


2. A "rainbow-colored cross stitch pattern of David Bowie's face. Followed by about $200 worth of supplies. I had no idea how to fucking cross stitch."

Submitted by Erin Day, Facebook

3. "$180 worth of fake urine. My brother and I drunk discussed it for about an hour. In the end, it seemed like a good idea. Now we just have a lot of fake pee."

Submitted by nataliegrace7

4. "Not me but a friend of mine has gotten absurdly drunk and ordered things on Amazon. She likes to be surprised so she'll just look at her credit card statement to make sure it isn't something way too expensive. Well she always gets these items to see what drunk her bought for sober her. Well 12 vibrators later she's finally started canceling the orders because it is literally always a vibrator."

Submitted by Brigid Leigh Ryan, Facebook


6. "Consumed a bottle of white wine, went on eBay at 2 a.m., bought myself a goat skull."

Submitted by Lauren Dresselhaus, Facebook

7. "Our condo has a really long hallway, and my boyfriend and I drunkenly bought a set of bowling pins and a bowling ball off of Amazon."

Submitted by bekaht411d57ff6

8. "Click-stumbled my way through my Amazon Wishlist one night after drinking a bottle of wine. Bought a 6-cup food processor, a pair of knee-high bumblebee socks, and a colouring book called 'Dinosaurs with Jobs.'"

Submitted by lolzno


10. "Despite the fact it was 2014, it seemed like an excellent idea to buy the Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B. album on iTunes. Still haven't utilized my purchase."

Submitted by kaitlinm42a90ba28

11. "One Saturday night I decided that instead of going to church in the morning I would order a package of 1,000 communion wafers online."

Submitted by alyh490dba3b1

12. "Ordered an 8-foot cardboard cut out of Will Ferrell and arranged for it to be sent to my mother's house."

Submitted by hazymoo


14. "I bought Etsy nail decals with the faces of the Golden Girls on them. It came with a free Drake set too. No regrets, my nails were FAB."

Submitted by brennac4e4b6b9d3

15. "I once bought a pair of shark socks (socks that make it look like a shark is eating your leg…complete with fins and little teeth) from sharkgifts.com... It ended up flagging my credit card for suspicious activity and I had to call the credit card company and admit to them that yes, I had been on shargifts.com at 4 a.m. on a Tuesday and yes, I did intentionally buy $25 socks."

Submitted by haileyo4398c052e

16. "I woke up one morning after a hell of a happy hour to see an email confirmation from around 3:30 a.m. for my purchase of fencing lessons..."

Submitted by kermy221


18. "I bought a kayak off Amazon. I lived on an island at the time and didn't think how they would get it to me because it's a boat! It should just float across! Luckily shipping was free. Thanks, Prime..."

Submitted by Rebecca Funk, Facebook

19. "I got a little bit drunk and too into a Megalodon special during Shark Week and ended up buying a 'Megalodon' shark tooth on eBay for $300."

Submitted by rachell4b77c6ca4

20. "I drunk bought a life-size Gremlin, best thing I've ever owned. Also I tried to bid on a life-size animatronic T. rex head from Jurassic Park on eBay — luckily I was to drunk to realise I had to confirm my bid."

Submitted by lynchamigsakta


22. "After a night of drinking and watching Lord of the Rings I disappeared into my bedroom for some time and out of the supervision of my roommates. I ordered an 18-inch genuine oxe horn bugle because I wanted to be 'cool' like Boromir. FUCKING BOROMIR!"

Submitted by AndyRoessner

23. "Online Russian lessons…"

Submitted by erynninnin

24. "My best friend and I woke up one morning to an email confirming our purchase of tickets to see Hanson. We were in college, circa 2009 or so. We wound up going to the show, about a three-hour drive away. I'll admit I love Hanson but this was the worst show due to the other fans. They were insane — a guy choked a girl out next to us, a girl kept pulling my hair, and there were so many Hanson tattoos. No one should have an 'MMMBop' tattoo. No one."

Submitted by anonymous, email


26. "I bought a samurai sword. Didn't even remember until I received and opened the package. That was a fun day."

Submitted by katef4

27. And finally...

"The summer after my freshman year of college, I was back home and out partying with friends all night. My ex-boyfriend had been asking me to come visit him in London and I kept saying no, my parents wouldn't allow it, I didn't have the money, it was a bad idea, etc. etc. That night (or rather: morning) around 4:30 a.m., I called him up and told him 'FUCK IT! YES I'LL COME TO LONDON!' We bought the tickets right then while I was standing in the middle of the street surrounded by similarly drunk friends. Two weeks later I was in London, a month later we were back together; five years later, we're still in love."

Submitted by cnomad