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18 Times Britain Got Seriously Burned By Tumblr

"Calm the baps Gazza, let’s go for a cheeky Nando's yeah?"

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1. When America got rid of the "u".

2. When we were very uncumberbatch.

3. When we desperately needed new names.

4. When our choice of words was mocked.

5. And when the whole concept of the British accent was called into question.

6. When the pronunciation of the letter "h" was brought up.

7. When our ability to cope with the weather was mocked.

8. Which is a reoccurring theme.

9. When just some Brits were enough.

10. When UK housing was violating several fire safety codes.

11. When we couldn't drive long distances.

12. When British porn was discovered.

13. When British age restrictions were called into question.

14. When our banter was out of control.

15. When someone created a list of things British people say during sex.

16. When someone brought up the Boston Tea Party.

17. When our men were stuck in their Eminem phase.

18. And finally, when we got burned by one of our own.