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    21 Strange, Bizarre, And Questionable Things People Claim To See On Mars

    Dinosaurs, mermaids, and dragons – who knew the Red Planet was so exciting?

    Since the dawn of our species, people have looked to the skies and wondered what exists beyond. Now, thanks to both NASA and eagle-eyed internet users, we have answers.

    1. A mutant space crab/spider.

    I don't think this proves life on Mars, MAYBE a spider crawled across the Mars Rover? Oh? That would still count?

    2. A sexy ghost woman.

    Crazy Mars rover image shows woman-shaped figure. #Mars #Ghost

    3. A freaky alien skull.

    Tête d'Alien et pierre tombale sur Mars :

    4. A kind of freaky human skull.

    #Paranormal_Today Were taken by NASA's Spirit rover on Mars.A humanoid skull partially buried in Mars or just a rock?

    5. A Nazi war helmet.

    NASA Curiosity Finds Nazi Helmet On Mars - #conspiracy

    6. A chill AF iguana.

    The Mars Iguana. via /r/pics #pics


    7. A dragon skull that could possibly just be a dinosaur skull.

    #Dragon / #Dinosaur #Skull #Found On #Mars

    8. A rock, just casually floating.

    Just another floating rock on Mars nothing to see here 👽

    9. An incredibly lost squirrel.

    This official picture taken on Mars. What do you see? Squirrel or rock. NASA try to remove social media postings! Why

    10. A random severed finger.

    Middle Finger Found on Mars... via /r/pics #pics

    11. A non-Egyptian pyramid.

    Pyramids on Mars - Photo from the Mars rover shows a pyramid. #mars #marsPicture Believers in alien life love this.

    Literally the worst kind.

    12. A mermaid who's really rubbish at being a mermaid.

    13. A dinosaur bone.

    Alien Mysteries: Dinosaur Bone Found On Mars.

    14. A dinosaur skull.

    Fossilised Dinosaur Skull Spotted On Mars 2015! #ufo #ufos #ufosightings #UFO

    15. A dinosaur spine.

    Holy cowasaurus! NASA found a dinosaur like skeleton on Mars!?! Cool!

    16. A dinosaur egg.

    That's an alien Dinosaur egg on Mars surface ;)

    Seriously, there's a lot of dinosaur memorabilia on Mars.

    17. A roaming rat.

    This new footage of Mars from NASA features a rat-like creature roaming the planet.

    18. A levitating sphere.


    Could also be an egg. A levitating egg.

    19. President Obama.

    20. A broken traffic light.

    Interesting rock formations found on Mars. The so called 'traffic light'..... ”

    21. And a crashed spaceship in need of a good towing service.

    What do think this is on Mars?? The folks at UFO Sightings think it's a crashed spaceship

    Note: These may all just be rocks.

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