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19 Real Life Situations Every Socially Awkward Person Dreads

Walking uncomfortably from one horrible situation to the next.

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2. When you arrive late to a social gathering and people are already talking in groups.

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"It's cool, I'll just stand at the edge of this circle right here and join in by quietly laughing along with these people."


12. When you reply to someone you think is talking to you, but they're actually talking to someone else.

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"It's cool, I'm sure they didn't even notice. Yep, there's no way they noticed. I'm like 90% sure they didn't notice…"


15. When you're listening to music in a quiet environment, so you have to frequently pull out your earphones to check that no one else can here your music.

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"That guy sitting opposite definitely looks annoyed at me. I better check again for the fifth time that he can't hear my music."