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24 Of The Funniest Things To Happen On British Public Transport

Our trains are never on time, but at least they're entertaining.

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2. When this commuter was turned into a cartoon character.

It's wrong to post pictures of people eating on trains but LOOK AT THIS GUY.

4. When this girl lost her pizza.


5. When a photographer captured this beautiful image.

Amazing! Photographer captures rare moment of a Londoner being born.

8. When Gregor went away in a huff.

Canny believe Gregors away in a huff cause we were slagging him for dressing like a train seat hahahahah


9. When a video game character took the tube.

If video games have taught me anything it's that this guy is selling rare items that I'll need later in my quest.

10. When this perfect pun materialised.

12. When a commuter took this call.

This woman on my train looked thrilled to be taking this call.


13. When this observation was made.

The seat behind looks like it's taking the seat in front hostage

15. When the Nunhead to Lewisham line was blessed with a visitor.

Over Easter the wind blew an 8ft cardboard cut-out of Beyoncé onto the side of the Nunhead to Lewisham line.

16. When a joke needed that extra bit of explanation.

Client: What if no one gets it? Agency: We'll explain the gag in subhead C: Won't that ruin it? A: We'll use brackets


18. When there was reason to celebrate.

19. When someone protested the Brexit vote through their Wi-Fi name.

Clearly the #Marmite struggle is real for someone riding my train this morning! #Brexit #Marmitegate


21. When this sign wasn't made clear enough.

Yes I can imagine, what with the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, and the constant wars in Europe

22. When this guy left messages for his fellow commuters.

I like to leave origami on trains for people to find & keep but write insults in them that they'll never know about