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    21 WTF Crimes That Could Only Ever Happen In Britain

    Drunken ducks, a biscuit heist, and a joyriding dog.

    1. When these guys took fancy dress to the extreme.

    2. When someone drank too much Lambrini and commandeered a merchant vessel.

    3. When a criminal turned himself in because he couldn't go another moment without Greggs.

    4. When a love triangle rocked the zookeeper community.

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    5. When a man recklessly discarded his scotch egg wrapper.

    6. When an aroused cyclist sparked a manhunt.

    7. When Britain's version of the wet bandits left an apology note.

    8. When the heist of the century took place.

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    9. When this alibi was offered during the Hatton Garden jewellery heist trial.

    10. When a Welsh teenager took a farm animal to Nando's.

    11. When an actual top hat theft took place.

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    12. When a very British drive-by shook suburbia.

    13. When a sheepdog took a tractor for a joyride.

    14. When a driver multitasked during her morning commute.

    15. When a duck went on a laddish night out.

    16. And when a thief took their calcium intake very, very seriously.

    17. When a couple had the audacity to leave a negative Trip Advisor review.

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    18. When a drug dealer kept a side business.

    19. When a man got super angry at an inflatable duck.

    20. When a lonely diner tried to gain a free meal on Valentine's Day.

    21. And finally, when a man had a night out for the ages.

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