17 Pictures That Prove Cows Are The Most Wholesome Animals In The Universe

    For too long cows have been overlooked — but that ends right here, right now.

    Cows. You might recognise them from that field that makes you instinctively say the word "cows" every time you drive by.

    You might also know of this hefty fella who's recently been grabbing headlines:

    An enormous steer in Western Australia is making headlines. At 194cm 'Knickers' is the largest in his category in Australia. Story: https://t.co/ZI472MBUU4 #7News https://t.co/MDEMwEbD8R

    The point is that everyone knows cows, but does everyone ~appreciate~ cows?

    The answer: no they do not. With that in mind here's a whole bunch of photos, 17 to be exact, that prove cows deserve more love.

    1. For a start, cows are essentially just giant dogs.

    My cow thinks he's a dog... We left the door open for 5 minutes

    2. Not convinced? Here's more poof:

    3. Pssst…wanna see a blow dried cow?

    4. Look this mound of fluff in the eyes and tell him he isn't the cutest thing ever, I dare you.

    5. What's better than one fluffy cow? How about four fluffy cows WITH added hearts around their heads.

    6. If this cow tried to sell me detox tea I'd totally be OK with that.

    7. This cow just wants an uninterrupted nap, and honestly…same.

    8. And this cow just wants to be loved, and honestly…same again.

    9. This cow got her head stuck in a trash can, which is also super relatable imo.

    10. Besides being good friends to humans, cows are also pretty close pals with dogs.

    11. This photo has absolved me from all sin.

    When You A Dog, But These Heffas Can't Leave You Alone..

    12. Just to mix things up a bit, here are some mini cows:

    13. Imagine trying to co-ordinate a gang of cats into a gesture of love. It. Would. Be. Chaos.

    Find yourself a guy who purposely feeds his cows in the shape of a heart just to send to you ❤️

    14. This cow looks like he's about to go all-in at the poker table and I'm sat here really hoping his gamble pays off.

    15. Let the record show that I have retweeted this tweet:

    RT to play her a beautiful melody with ur ancient flute

    16. This cow just wants to spread some festive cheer. Happy holidays, cow.

    17. In conclusion: Cows make everything better.

    If you're having a bad day, just look at this cow