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    36 Sentences That Will Confuse The Hell Out Of Everyone Who Isn't From Wales

    "I'll be there now in a minute."

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    1. "All right?" – Hello.

    2. "All right, butt?" – Hello, friend.

    3. "He's a bit of a character." – He's a total dick.

    4. "He's a little chopsy sometimes." – This person is a rude arsehole who needs to learn to keep their goddamn mouth shut.

    5. "He knocks about with a funny crowd." – He's friends with a bunch of dicks.

    6. "Where you to?" – Where the hell are you?

    7. "I'm not going to lie to you." – I'm about to be brutally honest.

    8. "I'm only saying." – Yes, that was brutally honest, but it 100% had to be said.

    9. "No word of a lie." – I'm being as sincere as humanly possible.

    10. "I'll be there now in a minute." – I'll be there at some completely unspecified time in the future.

    11. "I'll be there now in a minute, just catching the bus." – I'll be there at some completely unspecified time in the far, far future.

    12. "I'll be there now in a minute, just catching an Arriva train." – I may not get there at all.

    13. "Thanks, drive." – Thank you for getting me to where I needed to be without crashing, driver of this bus.

    14. "It's a bit cold out." – It's freezing outside but I'm still going to go out in just a T-shirt.

    15. "It's picking with rain." – It's absolutely fucking pouring down.

    16. "I'm not being funny." – What I'm about to say is completely serious.

    17. "It's in the cwtch dan star." – I have no idea where this item you're looking for is, but it's probably in the cupboard full of trash under the stairs.

    18. "Fair dos." – Fair enough.

    19. "That's proper lush." – That's quite nice.

    20. "… Innit." – The last part of my sentence was especially important.

    21. "Want to grab a quick drink?" – Want to drink until one of us passes out?

    22. "That place is well posh." – They charge over £3 a pint there.

    23. "She's off her head!" – She's willing to pay over £3 a pint.

    24. "That place is absolutely heaving." – There's at least a dozen people in here.

    25. "How you keeping?" – What have you been up to since I saw you last?

    26. "How's the missus?" – How's your girlfriend doing?

    27. "They're from north Wales." – They're from somewhere north of the valleys.

    28. "They're from south Wales." – They're from somewhere within the valleys.

    29. "The M4 was a little busy." – I'm a dad who's just driven here and now I'm attempting small talk with you.

    30. "I'm off to that foreign country." – I'm going to England.

    31. "…like." – I'm just adding an extra word to this sentence for the sake of adding an extra word to this sentence.

    32. "He's fuming." – He's angry.

    33. "He's tamping." – He's really fucking angry.

    34. "He's raging." – He's really, really fucking angry.

    35. "Heat it in the popty ping." – Something literally no Welsh person has ever said. Ever.

    36. "Ta'ra." – Goodbye.

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