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8 Children's Movies That Are Actually Horror Films

Home Alone is basically just Saw for kids.

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1. Home Alone

20th Century Fox / BuzzFeed

A bloodthirsty young boy, dealing with issues of abandonment, relentlessly torments two downtrodden burglars with a range of devices designed to maim, torture and eventually kill.

3. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Paramount Pictures / BuzzFeed

An eccentric, slave-owning chocolatier, hell-bent on preserving his legacy, invites five children to his hazardous factory to participate in a deadly game in which only one can survive.

5. Watership Down

Avco Embassy Pictures / BuzzFeed

A group of rabbits are forced to flee from their idyllic homes and live the life of the hunted where death awaits at every turn.

6. E. T.

Universal Pictures / BuzzFeed

A horrifying extra-terrestrial life form lands on earth with unclear intentions. Can it be stopped before it gains contact with its home planet?

7. The NeverEnding Story

Warner Bros. Pictures / BuzzFeed

A troubled boy falls into a dangerous, Lovecraftian world of horror when he begins reading a mysterious book. He must stay one step ahead of an evil, soul-devouring wolf and a void of darkness called The Nothing that consumes everything in its path if he has any hope of ever returning home.

8. Who Framed Roger Rabbit

20th Century Fox / BuzzFeed

An alcoholic private detective helps a cartoon rabbit clear his name after his wife is found cheating with his murdered boss, all while being pursued by a psychotic killer who'll stop at nothing to get what he needs.

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