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    22 Childhood Snacks That Were Kind Of Weird When You Think About It

    There's no dignified way of eating a Frube.

    1. Frubes

    Twitter: @MlurbleMoo

    There's no dignified way of eating a Frube while making eye contact with another human being.

    2. Hubba Bubba Bubble Jug

    It was bubble gum, but in powder form? So many questions remain.

    3. Turkey Twizzlers

    Twitter: @trackerj4cker

    As an adult you're actually kind of concerned about what constitutes as "turkey".

    4. Polo Super Mint

    Real life is not a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

    5. Billy Bear Ham

    Its smile is strangely haunting.

    6. Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape

    Another snack in the popular '00s genre of Inconvenient Ways To Eat Bubble Gum.

    7. Heinz Green Ketchup

    Red sauce is exotic enough for you now.

    8. Those mint sheets that dissolve in your mouth

    As a breath mint alternative, sure, but snacking on them as if they were candy is a little concerning.

    9. Onken Frufoo

    A yoghurt would come bottom on the list of things you'd want to find a toy in the middle of.

    10. Baby Bottle Pops

    You're no longer a baby, you're now a fully-formed human.

    11. Pom-Bear

    Twitter: @BagelmanBTN

    What was it with bear-shaped food?

    12. Fizz Wiz

    Rumour had it that if you drank Coke at the same time as eating this, your stomach would explode – and you knew it was true because it happened to a friend's cousin.

    13. Transform-A-Snack

    You no longer have time to construct your own crisp vehicles.

    14. Triple Power Push Pops

    Three separate lollies is just downright excessive.

    15. Penguin Flipper Dippers

    Twitter: @LFPackaging

    They don't even have a joke on them.

    16. Lunchables

    Twitter: @NatashaNicola90

    Crack open a pack of Lunchables in the office break room and you're guaranteed to get funny looks.

    17. Fruit Winders

    I'm reasonably certain that these don't count as one of your five-a-day.

    18. Squeezits

    Facebook: Squeeze

    What even were these, because they sure as hell weren't juice?

    19. Kwenchy Kups

    Twitter: @mhairikay

    You'd look especially ridiculous if you drunk it in the classic way of biting a hole in the bottom corner.

    20. Ring Pops

    Facebook: ringpop

    Practical? Yes. Professional? No.

    21. Candy necklaces

    Flickr: apium / Creative Commons

    Edible jewelry peaked in the '90s and has yet to stage a comeback.

    22. Calippo Shots

    They're not as badass as they used to be.