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    17 Cake Decorators Who, To Put It Lightly, Underdelivered

    These cakes won't make you hungry.

    1. Someone needs to eat this poor cake out of its misery.

    2. This Chewbacca cake looks like a turd that's been rolled around the floor of a barber shop.

    3. I would't normally advocate for sending Danny DeVito to Hell, but I'm willing to make an exception for this cake.

    4. This cake is supposed to be a swan…

    But as this artistic rendering shows, something's just a little off.

    5. If you repeat the words "live-action Disney adaptation" three times in the mirror this cake appears.

    6. Seriously, how hard can it be to make a Disney Princess cake that won't haunt people's dreams?

    7. Any cat enthusiasts out there will be horrified by this demonic creation.

    8. And this Hello Kitty cake belongs in the bottom of a fiery pit.

    9. Did I miss a post-credit scene where the Hulk and Flubber gave birth to a beautifuly haunting child?

    10. I have so many questions about how and why this cake was baked into existence.

    11. Is it wrong that I kind of want to see this guy have his own series of children's books?

    12. If you grew up watching Pokémon, LOOK AWAY NOW.

    13. And if you ever loved Thomas the Tank Engine, then for the love of God skip this next photo.

    "Choo Choo"

    14. To be fair, this cake was begging to be made creepy.

    15. Close your eyes and imagine a dessert that looks like it might come alive and kill you in your sleep.

    16. What did they do to you, SpongeBob?!?

    17. And finally, here's a cake that will destroy any positive feelings you had about unicorns.